What Diabetes Will Do to Your Feet

Diabetes damages the blood vessels in your body, but most especially the feet. When the vessels are damaged, this can cause nerve damage over time. You can take steps to help your feet as a person with diabetes, such as washing and then drying your feet thoroughly, paying particular attention between the toes. Still, there are also things your podiatrist will recommend.

How to Treat the Issues Diabetes Causes Your Feet

  • Wear proper footwear-you need to allow airflow to your feet. A podiatrist may recommend custom orthotics to help with the avoidance of infection and inflammation.
  • Keep your nails trimmed-trim your nails in a straight line to prevent the nail from growing into your skin. Do not damage your cuticles or the corners of your nails. Be on the lookout for a fungal infection in your toes and get it treated right away.
  • Don’t smoke-the toxins in the cigarettes affect how much oxygen will reach your feet. They also damage blood flow.
  • Exercise properly-as a person with diabetes; you need to avoid high-impact activities. Instead, try swimming or cycling. Be sure to elevate your feet throughout the day and practice wiggling your toes.
  • Avoid extreme heat or cold-this will cause damage to your nerves and the blood flow in your feet.
  • Moisturization-keeping your feet moisturized will protect you from cracking and obtaining calluses. Cracking can lead to severe infection, which makes this an important step.
  • Surgery-your podiatrist might suggest surgery to correct issues such as ulcers. It is a common problem among diabetic feet.

Diabetic feet need special care, and you will need to ensure you treat every wound on your feet carefully. If you wait, Gangrene can develop, leading to sepsis and possible amputation. You will also need to look out for bruising, inflammation, blisters, cracking, sores, and calluses or toe deformities.

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