Caring For Bunions

bunion is a bulge that occurs at the base of your big toe. It can be painful and swell, causing inflammation, and the pain will spread to the rest of your foot. It causes limited mobility and use of the big toe while creating corns and calluses as well. There are several reasons a bunion might appear. If you wear improper shoes or high heels, have arthritis, or put unnecessary stress on your foot, or if your big toe presses against the second, these can all cause a bunion to appear. Age is another factor that causes bunions to occur.

Caring For Bunions Includes These Options:

Changing your shoes-wearing comfortable shoes will provide the support needed to dull the pain and inflammation.

Padding-bunion pads and cushions can add a buffer that will help ease your pain.

Custom Orthotics-a podiatrist will recommend custom orthotics if your condition persists. They will be made specifically for your feet so they can help provide the structure you need.

Surgery-if your foot doctor sees you need surgery, there are several options they could take, including realigning the bones in your foot, joining the bones of your foot, or moving your toe. Another surgical option would be the straightening of your toe to its proper position.

Bunions left untreated can physically change the shape of your foot. They can contribute to other issues, including hammertoe, metatarsalgia, deformity in your feet and legs, and changing the physical shape of your foot. Bursitis is another issue that can be caused and is quite painful. Don’t wait until your pain is too much to bear. See a podiatrist today.

Our team at Your Next Step Podiatry can help with your feet. Dr. Eric Ricefield, Dr. Mark Yagodich, and Dr. Aliza V. Eisen will offer the best care while providing treatments such as Plantar Fasciitis treatment, treatment for Melanoma, Tennex procedures, and Achilles Tendonitis help. With offices in Montgomery County, Greater Philadelphia, Paoli, and the Western Suburbs and Downingtown, Our team of specialized doctors can help with all of your podiatry needs. Call our office in Ardmore office at (610) – 642-8837 or the office in Downingtown at (610) 873-0322.

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