Podiatry Testimonials

Foot and Ankle Center“Dr. Ricefield and his staff have proven to be both knowledgeable and caring. We feel very fortunate to have our son have the benefit of that experience.”
Linda Ross

“I want to thank you for the laser surgery you performed on my toenails last summer. It has been less than a year since my procedure and the results are incredible — my nails went from ridged, yellow and cracked to smooth, clear and shiny.Over the years I had tried many things to rid myself of ugly toenail fungus. I had tried home remedies (applying vodka and Vicks vapor rub to my nails), many over the counter remedies and finally was twice prescribed with oral lamisil. Nothing worked!Several times I saw your advertisement in the newspaper and was hesitant to try yet another nail fungus treatment. Your laser procedure was my last attempt and a true success. Thank you for allowing me to show my feet again in public.”
Deardra M.

“Thanks so much for your attention and skill in dealing with my toe fungus. I should have listened to you when the issue first appeared. However, I kept thinking it was not really a fungal infection. I even went to another podiatrist who indicated that I was fine. Well, the problem went from a few toes to all 10. My nails were a mess! Thank you for coming to the rescue. The laser treatment was painless and very effective. As of today, I could be a foot model – my nails look the best they have looked in years. I am looking forward to wearing sandals this summer!”
Mary M.
Foot Care Center“It doesn’t seem that long ago that I could barely walk. If it weren’t for you and your abilities, I know I would not be enjoying being on my feet.”
Pat Silver

“After seeing Dr. Ricefield for a localized toenail fungus and having the PinPointe Laser procedure done, the results were amazing. I now have a healthy looking toenail with absolutely no pain. Thanks to Dr. Ricefield and PinPointe Laser I can confidently wear my open toed shoes once again.”
Tina S.

“My New Nail experience was one of the best things I have ever done. I had had some level of athlete’s foot and nail issues since college years ago and I had been looking for a nail fungus solution for years after my nails got very bad. The New Nail process has totally cleared up all my athlete’s foot and nail issues and has really given me new feet. Actually they look so good I wonder if they ever looked this good before. I can’t see any reason anyone would wait for anything else.”
Tom P.

“What can I say about Eric Ricefield! He is like a son to me. He not only takes extremely good care of my feet but of me as well. He is a loving and caring person.”
Edith Riddell