How to Treat Toenail Fungus

Nail fungus is a significant and common issue that will occur with feet. It can start small and then spread. As the infection becomes more serious, your nails will crumble and discolor. Over time, you will begin to experience pain and lose the nails or experience infectious conditions in severe cases. Distortion and a horrid smell will also occur. Toenail fungus is also prevalent in those with diabetes.

Preventing and Treating Your Fungus

Cleaning-keep your feet regularly cleaned and moisturized, and if you have an infection, always wash your hands thoroughly.

Sweating-sweating is a significant issue with fungus so investing in a pair of sweat-absorbent socks is vital.

No polish-avoiding polish and fake nails are a must. Avoiding the nail salon is also a must as the tools are not sterilized properly in many areas.

Comfortable shoes-your shoes need to allow you to breathe. You should also treat your shoes with antifungal powders, and you should see a distinct change in your nails.

Nail cream- this is a popular treatment podiatrists will recommend as it helps the medication get through the nail to the fungus underneath.

Oral care-your doctor will recommend oral drugs and, in many cases, will take over four months to solve your issue. They help new nails grow and cause the infection to fade. However, the doctor won’t recommend certain drugs that may cause heart failure and liver disease.

Surgery-in extreme cases, your doctor will suggest removing the nail and applying drugs directly to the area underneath it. If the medication doesn’t work, nail removal is vital.

If you have a weakened immune system, you are at risk for complications, and it can cause damage to your nails that is permanent. If the infection spreads, it will affect your feet and ankles. Unfortunately, no matter what you do to prevent and treat this issue, it may still come back.

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