Why is My Toe Bent?

All four of your smaller toes are susceptible to a condition called hammertoe. The big toe is the only one not potentially affected. Hammertoe is a progressive deformity that will only worsen the longer it goes untreated and the toe can become permanently bent in the shape of a hammer or mallet, often causing additional […]

Progressive Symptoms of Toenail Fungus

A fungal toenail infection can range from a mild inconvenience to a severe problem that can even lead to the amputation of a toe. A mild infection can oftentimes be treated with home remedies, but be certain to carefully monitor the situation to check for signs of spreading. A mild toenail infection will have the […]

What Causes Your Feet to Swell?

Fluid retention in the feet can happen from normal everyday activities, including being on your feet all day for your work, or conversely, it can be caused by prolonged sitting, such as during a long plane or bus trip that can incite your feet to swell up. A wide variety of illnesses and injuries can […]

Treating Bunions Without Surgery

Bunions are a very common foot problem, with over twenty percent of the adult population experiencing this condition. Bunions occur when the big toe pushes into the other toes instead of pointing forward. This causes a bump to grow on the outside of the big toe. Bunions can go on for years without causing any […]

Peripheral Nerve Damage & Your Feet

The peripheral nervous system is built from the nerves that radiate throughout your body from the spinal cord. They provide a large portion of the sensory and motor function that your body needs in order to function properly. Nerve damage to the feet, which is also called peripheral neuropathy, is a progressive condition that has […]

The Heel Pain of Haglund’s Deformity

There is a bony area on the back of your heel that can become severely irritated and reddened by the unremitting rubbing caused by tightly fitting shoes (such as high heeled pumps), which is why the condition of Haglund’s deformity is often referred to as the “pump bump.” The bump forms near the Achilles tendon, […]

Why Do My Arches Hurt?

Arch pain can develop slowly after weeks and months of strenuous training or sporting activity, or strike suddenly one morning when you wake up with the throbbing pain of plantar fasciitis. The causes of arch pain are many and varied, so it can be difficult to determine what the actual cause is without the help […]

Neuromas & Foot Pain

Although sometimes described as a nerve tumor, a foot neuroma is really an inflammation of the tissue that surrounds one of the nerves in your toes. While there is usually no physical deformity, such as a bump of a bunion, it can still actually feel like you have a small rock or seed in your […]

Custom Orthotics Can Fix Foot Pain

Custom orthotics can help fix or mitigate the pain of many common foot conditions without the need for surgery. Some people will try the prefabricated shoe inserts that can be found at your local drug store, but others prefer the more profound benefits that are achieved when the inserts are custom molded to your individual […]

How to Prevent Athlete’s Foot

The red, itchy, peeling and burning skin that is caused by the fungal infection athlete’s foot is something we would all like to avoid, and there are some precautions you can take to keep your feet healthy and avoid this often smelly and unsightly occurrence. Since the fungi that grow and cause this condition are […]

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