What Causes Painful Foot Cramps?

Muscle contractions in the lower leg and foot muscle spasms can come on suddenly and be extremely debilitating. You often can relieve foot cramps by pulling hard on the toes. The primary cause of cramping is improper fluid and nutrient balance. Your muscles need the right amount of minerals and fluids to operate correctly and staying […]

5 Types of Foot & Ankle Fractures

Experiencing a crack or break to one or more of the many bones in your feet or ankles is a relatively common occurrence. In fact, many people suffer from foot stress fractures that can exhibit intermittent and radiating effects that can be hard to pinpoint without assistance from your foot care professional.   Varying amounts of force […]

Ankle Pain Has Many Causes

Ankle pain has many possible causes. Since radiating pain from other injuries can also affect the ankle, it’s important to see your foot doctor to trace and properly treat the actual cause of your discomfort. For any ankle pain and swelling that doesn’t subside in the first day after some time spent resting, you may […]

Your Feet Can Indicate Heart Disease

February is American Heart Month, so in recognition of the link between your feet and the health of your heart, we are covering peripheral artery disease (PAD) this week. The cause of PAD is fat deposits that narrow the diameter of the vessels and cause a whole host of problems with the feet and ankles that […]

3 Reasons for Having Ingrown Toenails

Ingrown toenails cause swelling, redness, oozing, and intense pain and let microbes like bacteria and fungi get under the toenail or into the bloodstream, causing infections. Ingrown toenails can often lead to a fungal toenail infection with the horrible odor that often includes. For any toenail problems you are having, see your foot doctor for help to […]

Getting Older Can Cause Many Foot & Ankle Problems

While you can mitigate many foot and ankle problems with proper attention and regular visits to your foot doctor, there are age-related issues that will eventually catch up to you no matter how careful and attentive you are to your feet. Fortunately, you can delay aging complications and avert many problems with the right shoes and orthotics. Age-related […]

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