3 Foot Problems That Increase With Age

The constant pressure and abuse your feet and ankles undergo over the years adds up and makes you more likely to develop a variety of foot and ankle injuries and conditions. You can help keep many foot and ankle problems from developing or worsening by seeing your foot doctor regularly, eating a healthy diet, and […]

What Causes Foot & Ankle Swelling?

It’s normal for your feet and ankles to swell a little after being on your feet all day for work or from playing sports or exercising. Swelling can also be caused by an injury or disease. If you experience foot and ankle swelling that doesn’t subside, have it checked out by your podiatrist for the […]

7 Common Causes of Ankle Problems

The ankle is a complex structure made up of many bones, tendons, ligaments, and other tissues that hold it all together. While your ankle is normally quite strong and does the difficult task of supporting your weight as you work and exercise, all those components are subject to injury and disease that can cause debilitating […]

Avoid Foot Fungus with 3 Simple Tips

Athlete’s foot fungus can cause red, itchy, burning skin to develop, and when the same microbes get under your toenails, the infection can show as discoloration and dry, crumbly toenails. Both conditions usually emit a foul odor as well. Fortunately, you can avoid fungal foot infections with some easy steps. You can avoid a foot […]

7 Treatments for Sesamoiditis

  You have two small bones in each foot in the ball area, called sesamoids. The unique thing about sesamoid bones is they are free-floating bones with no rigid connection to other bones. The largest sesamoid bone is the kneecap. In the case of your feet, the sesamoid bones absorb pressure from walking and also […]

How to Treat Painful Plantar Warts

  Warts that grow in the tissue that spans the bottom of your foot (known as the plantar fascia) can be very painful and debilitating, especially when the weight of your body comes down on one when you try to walk. Plantar warts are often difficult to see often hidden by a thick skin and […]

Overpronation Causes Painful Problems

  When your foot rolls excessively inward when you are walking or exercising, the resulting condition is called overpronation, frequently caused by improper arch support and poorly fitting footwear. People with untreated flatfoot often suffer from overpronation. Correcting the gait abnormalities associated with this condition not only helps your feet and ankles, but also alleviates […]

The Condition of Your Toenails Can Point to Health Problems

  The condition of your feet can indicate a variety of health problems, with the condition of the toenails being particularly revelatory. The health and appearance of your toenails can point to many conditions, including infections, nutrient deficiencies, and systemic problems such as liver or artery disease. Here are some of the signs in your […]

4 Ways to Treat Painful Bunions

  Bunions are painful bumps that form on the big toe as it pushes into your other toes, causing a variety of additional problems, including overlapping toes. The bunion itself isn’t always painful in the beginning, but in the more advanced stages, the discomfort may become more acute, and bunion surgery may be needed for […]

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