Essential Advice for Couples in Quarantine

The stress of being cooped up at home all the time is truly testing people’s patience. Add to that the constant anxiety caused by all the uncertainty, financial turmoil, and health worries and it can really take a toll on relationship health. Some essential advice to keep the peace and to help keep your relationship […]

Proper Nutrition is Essential for Your Health

Eating a diet rich in vital nutrients will keep you feeling better physically, mentally, and emotionally, which is especially essential during these high-stress times we are living in. Here are some of the many highly nutritious foods that will also help to boost your immune system: Fish—Salmon and rainbow trout are among the most nutritious […]

COVID Toe is Emerging as a Coronavirus Symptom

All the complicated variations in symptoms that can characterize a coronavirus infection have been going through some reevaluations as doctors and health experts worldwide have been documenting different and more subtle symptoms (such as COVID toe) is largely asymptomatic patients compared to those who have been hospitalized. Since many early studies involved only hospitalized patients, […]

3 Fun Indoor Activities for Kids

Parents may need a little help thinking up new and fun activities for the kids during this time of social distancing, so here are a few you may not have experienced yet. Here are 3 fun indoor activities that are great for kids: The sock toss—This is a great bedroom game involving rolled-up socks and […]

Help Build Up Your Immune System with Food

You can help ward off bacterial, viral, and fungal infections by eating foods that help keep your immune system working optimally. Foods that supply vital nutrients, like antioxidants and amino acids, can be used by your body to create antibodies against these opportunistic infections. Some of the best foods to help build up your immune […]

Make a Fort with Rolled Up Newspaper

Making newspaper forts is a fun activity for the kids while safely sheltering at home. Kids about the age of seven can do this project without much additional assistance, and all you need to make your building components is newspaper, tape, and perhaps a stapler. Follow these simple steps to make newspaper triangles that can […]

Proper Diabetic Foot Care

Bacteria and fungi love the usually moist and dark environment found inside your shoes, and some of them can cause infections when they enter your body through just a small cut on your foot. For individuals whose immune, circulatory, and peripheral nervous systems are compromised by diabetes, a small cut can go unnoticed and quickly […]

5 Ways to Treat Calluses on Your Feet

Experiencing hardened skin on the bottom of your feet can be very uncomfortable and can make it difficult or impossible to wear shoes. While many calluses can be successfully treated at home with soaking and moisturizing treatments, more advanced calluses or heel fissures should be treated by your foot doctor to minimize the chances of […]

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