Skin Cancer ABC’s

While we often think of skin cancer as something that strikes due to sun exposure in the summer, the fact is that it can occur at any time of year and when that occurrence happens to be on your feet, it often goes unnoticed until the cancer has spread. The skin cancer called melanoma is […]

3 Treatments for Charcot Foot

November is diabetes awareness month, so keep in mind that a sometimes crippling injury that can happen to diabetes patients is called Charcot Foot disorder. In this potentially terrible situation, the sufferer is unaware that their foot may have completely collapsed and they can even walk around on this disfigured foot because the person doesn’t […]

Orthotics Treat Many Problems

Orthotic shoe inserts can be created by your foot doctor to fit your exact foot shape. They can add support where needed and redirect pressure away from problem areas. Not only do custom orthotic shoe inserts treat foot and ankle problems, but also they can treat the gait abnormalities that so often contribute to pain […]

How to Treat Arthritis in Your Feet

Your feet are made up of numerous components, including thirty joints, which makes them one of the primary locations for arthritic conditions to develop. Three common types of arthritis include osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, and trauma induced arthritis. The symptoms of the different types of arthritis tend to get worse as you age, and they consist […]

Heel Pain Has Many Causes

There are quite a few of the more well-known and obvious sources of heel pain including a heel fracture (ouch!), bone spur, and Achilles tendon rupture (that’s a really bad one). But the source of heel pain can also be more innocuous and difficult to pinpoint often requiring further investigation and testing involving imaging studies […]

4 Ways Your Feet Change as You Age

Your feet really do an incredible job supporting your weight and activities as you go about your days, but unfortunately you will notice an increase in foot and ankle problems like arthritis and tendonitis as the components of your body wear out. Many of these changes occur slowly, so if you pay attention to your […]

Why Does My Toenail Fungus Keep Returning?

Fungi love the warm, moist, and dark conditions found inside your shoes. If you treat a fungal infection of your toenails or feet incompletely, it may not be obvious at first because the infection will appear to be gone. But then it comes back even worse than before. This is often because of incomplete treatment […]

What is an Avulsion Fracture?

An avulsion fracture occurs when an overly stressed tendon or ligament breaks from its attachment point on the bone and pulls a small piece of bone along with it. Younger athletes are more susceptible to this type of injury since their bones aren’t fully developed and are more fragile. It is also a common injury […]

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