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Treating Flat Feet Also Helps Prevent Other Problems

Having flat feet is a common problem and for some people the condition doesn’t produce any major symptoms. For many individuals, however, having an unsupported arch can give rise to a host of other problems including knee, hip, and back pain. Flat feet are usually inherited but in some cases, the condition is caused or […]

High Heels Hurt Your Feet

Celebrities including Oprah and Victoria Beckham have come out in recent years to decry the wearing of damaging shoes by women all in the name of fashion. As women realize that the long-term health of their feet, knees, hips, and back are more important than fashion, many of them are choosing not to wear uncomfortable […]

The Heel Pain of Haglund’s Deformity

There is a bony area on the back of your heel that can become severely irritated and reddened by the unremitting rubbing caused by tightly fitting shoes (such as high heeled pumps), which is why the condition of Haglund’s deformity is often referred to as the “pump bump.” The bump forms near the Achilles tendon, […]

Choosing Correct Athletic Shoes

The right footwear is essential for avoiding preventable injuries and accidents, and the type of footwear varies depending on the activity in which you will be engaged. For example, you wouldn’t want to wear running shoes for playing tennis or basketball. The quick starts and stops of tennis require a shoe that supports and absorbs […]

Advantages of Orthotics

The best course of action for preventing foot and ankle problems in the first place is to use the proper footwear, stretch before exercise, and perform regular foot inspections and cleanings. In addition, the use of orthotic shoe inserts and devices can provide more support and treat abnormalities in foot structure that cause many foot […]

Shopping For Sports Shoes

With summer in full gear, many people are shopping for new athletic shoes. When you step into a shoe store, the myriad of choices can be mind boggling. Getting your new shoes fitted properly should be your primary concern, since poorly fitting shoes can cause so many foot problems. Here is a list of 5 […]

Choosing Walking Shoes

As temperatures rise and the outdoors becomes more inviting, it is a time when many people take their exercise outdoors. Walking is a great way to exercise regularly without the extra stress and impact of other activities like running or a sport. It can be challenging to buy shoes when there are many types, so […]

Athletic Shoes: Your Child’s Most Important Sports Equipment

Since most sports involve some kind of action on your feet, it’s essential to have the right footwear for each type of activity. Not only should the needs of each sport be carefully considered but also the unique characteristics of your child’s feet. Participating in sports, whether competitively or for fun, can become a painful […]

Individuals with Neuropathy Must Choose Footwear Carefully

If you or a family member suffers from neuropathy, one of the most important things you can do is to choose your footwear wisely. Neuropathy means nerve damage. The peripheral nervous system ranges all over the body and links the spinal cord and brain to the internal organs, skin, muscles and glands. Peripheral neuropathy causes […]

High Heels Are Risky High Fashion

Many women in the greater Philadelphia area believe that they look – and feel – their best while wearing high heels. But long-term high heel wearing can result in serious foot problems. Some conditions like calluses, corns and ingrown toenails and can be easily resolved. However, excessive wearing of high heels can also cause tendon […]

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