Flip-Flops: Summer Fashion or Painful Consequence?

Summer may be a time to wear flip-flops, but unfortunately, it is not without risk. While they may be comfortable at the start, they are a terrible choice for your feet and body long term. Because they have no support for your arches, no shock absorption, or cushioning, it leads to overuse of your tendons. Over time that hurts your mobility and ensures you will have issues with your hips and back.

Issues That Stem from Flip-Flops

  • Hammertoe-a hammertoe occurs when your toe bends at an unnatural angle. Your toe becomes stiff, and you experience pain. Over time, you will lose mobility in your feet.
  • Bunionsbunions are bumps that will appear at the big toe joint. They can become painful over time and cause infections if they get torn.
  • Inflammation-because you must flex your toes in a downward motion, you are driving the ball of your foot into the ground. Repeatedly doing this causes painful inflammation to occur in the foot.
  • Infections- Because you are walking outside with open-toed shoes, you are more likely to get injured and let bacteria infect your body. That can lead to long-term issues.
  • Metatarsalgia-this is another form of inflammation. However, if it gets worse, you can experience stress fractures of the joints.
  • Achilles’ tendonitisthis is an injury that happens to the tendon that is in your heel bone. The repeated wear of footwear that has no support to keep your body correctly aligned causes your joints to overcompensate, which causes this painful condition.

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