Are You Wearing the Right Shoes for the Right Job?

We tend to wear flip-flops, sandals, and lighter shoes during the summer. While these shoes may be perfect for the pool area and beach, they are not meant to be worn at work. In today’s post, Dr. Eric Ricefield, Dr. Mark Yagodich, Dr. Aliza V. Eisen, and Cassandra Stache, DPM of greater Philadelphia’s Your Next Step Foot and Ankle Care Center share information regarding the best shoes for your type of work.

The type of work shoes you need depends greatly on the kind of work you do. Those who work around nails, glass, or other sharp items may need to wear work boots, which can help prevent injury.

Also, wearing shoes that fit properly may help avoid foot fatigue, a chronic foot ache. This condition may be improved when the feet are elevated and rested during breaks. Many workplaces require employees to wear shoes that have adequate traction and are slip-resistant.

Having to stand on your feet for extended periods can cause pain and stress in your feet. Your entire body may experience change in terms of back pain, callouses, bunions, or plantar warts. There are ways to prevent these conditions with proper foot care, correct posture, and smart choices.

Make Positive Changes

Choosing negative-heel shoes, which place the heel lower than the ball of the foot, is great for overall foot health. Remember that our feet were not designed to be enclosed all day, so try to expose your feet to air periodically.

Eliminate Pain

Performing easy exercises, doing stretches, and practicing yoga will boost blood flow to the area and muscles of the foot. Stretching the foot flat on the floor will relax the tendon and calf muscles. Be sure to add these exercises to your daily regimen. Foot stretches and choosing the right footwear will help ease your pain and prevent further problems.

If you would like more information regarding the best type of work shoes for your job, we welcome you to visit our in-office shoe store.

And if you have any questions, please contact Greater Philadelphia’s Your Next Step Foot and Ankle Care Center. You can click here to locate contact information for the nearest office to book your appointment.

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