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4 Symptoms of a Broken Foot Bone

Breaking a bone in the foot or ankle happens quite often since there are so many bones forming the amazing feat of engineering that is your foot. Some foot bones are quite fragile like the metatarsal bones of the toes, which can break just from dropping your phone on your bare foot. Ouch! Larger bones […]

Arthritis Often First Shows Up in Your Hands, Feet & Ankles

The term “arthritis” describes a variety of conditions that erode or otherwise damage the lining of your joints causing inflammation and pain. Bones can start rubbing against each other and this and other painful symptoms often first show up in the hands, feet and ankles. When you initially notice signs of arthritis in your feet […]

5 Excellent Ways to Treat & Prevent Fungal Toenails

A fungal toenail infection is caused essentially by the same order of microscopic fungi that eventually turn into mushrooms. Just like mushrooms, these fungi love warm and moist locales and are particularly fond of the environment inside your shoes and sneakers. The Fungal Kingdom is enormous and underappreciated. If this blog gets you interested in […]

4 Essential Foot Care Tips for Patients with Diabetes

The numbness from nerve damage (neuropathy) is an unfortunate complication for diabetic patients. Since it is difficult or impossible to feel the pain of an injury or blisters, even minor scratches can become infected due to the decreased blood flow and lowered immune response. If the spreading goes too far before it is noticed you […]

3 Treatments for Achilles Tendonitis

Achilles tendonitis affects the largest tendon in the body, which connects the heel to the calf muscle. Straining the tendon often happens to sports and exercise enthusiasts and people who spend a lot of time on their feet for work. The injury can be very painful and you should always stop doing whatever has caused […]

4 Common Foot Problems for Children

Since your children’s bones, ligaments, and tendons are rapidly evolving along with rest of their bodies, there are certain foot and ankle injuries and diseases that tend to be more common for them. Carefully monitoring your child’s foot development along with at least yearly visits to your podiatrist will help avoid unnecessary surprises and complications. […]

Why are My Feet So Hot?

Having the feeling that your feet are burning can be caused by a variety of conditions including the primary cause which is diabetic nerve damage. This damage, called diabetic neuropathy, creates a sense of tingling, numbness, and burning that usually gets more pronounced as the condition progresses. Excessive alcohol consumption can also cause nerve damage […]

Why are My Feet Cramping?

A foot cramp is a sudden contraction of a muscle in your foot or leg that causes an uncontrolled tightening that feels like it will never release. Foot and leg cramps can be extremely painful and debilitating but they usually subside after several minutes. You can help avoid cramping by staying properly hydrated through consuming […]

3 Treatments for Plantar Warts

Plantar warts are so named because they grow in the plantar fascia, which is the wide band of fibrous tissue that covers the bottom of the foot. The warts tend to grow where the pressure is the greatest, which generally occurs under the ball and heel areas. Pressure from walking on your foot often causes […]

7 Causes of Ankle Pain

The ankle is made up of a complex array of tendons, ligaments, tissues and bones so it is really no wonder that there are many ailments that can cause your ankle to hurt. Chronic lateral ankle pain and other radiating pain from even the most innocuous of ankle sprains can cause you to feel pain […]

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