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3 Treatments for a Broken Toe

There seem to be a few misconceptions out there when it comes to how to treat a toe fracture properly. One of the primary misconceptions about a broken toe is if you can put weight on the foot, then the toe can’t be broken, but this is not always true. A toe that has a […]

Why Is My Heel So Painful?

Heel pain can come on gradually, such as is often experienced with Achilles tendonitis, or it can be more rapid and debilitating such as from a heel fracture. Heel pain can also alter the way you walk, which increases problems with your knees, hips, and back so be sure to see your foot doctor for […]

7 Common Causes of Ankle Pain

The ankle made up of a complex variety of bones, ligaments, tendons, veins, nerves, and other tissues are susceptible to injury and disease, resulting in pain and discomfort. For severe ankle pain, it’s always the best idea to seek treatment from your podiatrist to get the proper diagnosis and care and to prevent reinjury and […]

These 3 Cancers Can Strike Your Feet

Beware of lesions on your feet that may be cancerous growths in disguise. Skin cancer can look a lot like other conditions including moles, blisters, and warts. It’s best to have regular checkups with your foot doctor since he or she will be able to identify potential tumors and have them biopsied to check for […]

4 Ways to Strengthen Weak Ankles

When your ankles are weak it can cause your feet to ache, and can also cause balance problems that may result in falls. Physical therapy exercises are a great way to improve ankle health and custom braces can be used to improve balance and prevent falls. 4 methods for increasing ankle strength and stability include […]

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