Fact vs. Fiction: Most Common Podiatry Myths Debunked


Folk remedies and DIY strategies abound these days, but that’s not always a good thing. For podiatrists, it often means more complications and injuries that, while preventable, have been worsened through neglect, improper care, or both.

The team at Your Next Step hears plenty of dubious information floating around about foot and ankle health, and when that happens, we’re always tempted to reach out and share the truth of the matter. That’s what this blog is all about.

Myth Reality
Podiatrists only treat athlete’s foot and bunions. Podiatrists are experts in all aspects of foot and ankle health, treating everything from plantar fasciitis to tendon ruptures. They can perform complex surgery, prevent the need for amputations due to diabetic complications, restore mobility, ease chronic pain, and save lives.
Flat feet are always bad for your health. While flat feet can sometimes lead to pain or discomfort, many people with flat feet live pain-free and active lives. It’s important to consult a podiatrist for an individual assessment.
Cracking your toes is bad for your joints. There’s no scientific evidence that cracking your toes leads to any joint problems! It’s simply air pockets popping within the fluid in your joints.
You only need to see a podiatrist if you’re in pain. Regular podiatric care is crucial for maintaining overall foot health and preventing future problems. Early detection and treatment can save you pain and discomfort down the road.
Good foot health isn’t important until you’re older. Taking care of your feet is important at all ages. Podiatrists can help prevent and manage foot conditions that can impact your mobility and quality of life, fostering healthy growth, correcting deformities, and providing support for pediatric patients who participate in athletic activities.

Final Fact

Healthy feet provide the foundation for a healthy life. If you recognize some of these issues mentioned above, we’d love to help. Dr. Eric Ricefield, Dr. Mark Yagodich, Dr. Aliza V. Eisen, and Dr. Cassandra Stache are ready to help you step forward on sturdier, pain-free feet. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!

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