Understanding Raynaud’s Disease

Raynaud’s disease occurs when you have blood vessels in your toes and fingers that overreact to stress or too low temperatures. While this is considered a temporary overreaction, it can lead to damage later on because of the issues with blood flow.

Risk Factors of Raynaud’s Disease

  • Your gender-more women are affected than men.
  • Your climate-when you live in a colder climate, you will find you are at a higher risk.
  • How old you are-with this condition, you will find that the starting point is from ages fifteen to thirty.
  • Your history-with this affliction, you will notice that if you have a parent or sibling with it, you will get it too. That is also true if you have a child with is this disease.
  • Smoking-smoking constricts your blood vessels, which causes damage if you develop this issue.
  • Injuries on your feetif you have had a fracture, frostbite (at any point), or surgery, you will be at risk.
  • Overuse injuries-overuse injuries such as pressure on nerves or repetitive actions can damage the feet and make you more susceptible to colder temperatures and disease.
  • Diseases-if you have other diseases such as lupus, you will be more susceptible.

If you have signs from the list above, you should see a podiatrist to ensure that you are not developing this painful disease. An early diagnosis can help you prepare for what is to come and create a valuable plan to help to ensure your nerves won’t have issues.

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