Watch Your Toenails Carefully, They Have a Secret Language!

Did you know when your toenails change colors, it could mean something serious? Your toenails have a secret language all their own, and when they change colors, it’s their way of letting you know that internally, something is wrong. If you treat it right away, you will notice you can save your toes from additional trouble. Additionally, it will help to know what each color change can mean.

What Your Toenail’s Colors Can Mean

Nail polish-when you wear nail polish for more than a week, it penetrates and stains your toenails because it hits the layers of keratin.

Pseudomonas infections-the change with this issue is exceptionally noticeable. Your toenails will turn green and be impossible to miss.

Psoriasis-psoriasis is a condition that affects multiple areas of the body, and you can experience itching, flaking, and swelling as well as discoloration. On the skin, it can appear reddish. However, on your toenails, it will appear as a cross between yellow and brown and will come into play as spots that occur under your nail.

Nail fungusthe most common cause of nail color changes, this infection will appear most often in yellow. However, it can appear reddish, brown, green, or black.

Injuries-injuries that result in a subungual hematoma will result in a red, purple, black, or brown color. As the color fades from the former to the latter, you will find that the condition will be sore and tender.

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