Don’t Let Corns Make You Hide Your Feet

Corns are unsightly and complicated layers of skin that appear on the foot. They tend to peel, and when that happens, you will need to seek professional help to ensure your foot avoids infection. If you have diabetes, avoiding infection becomes vital as it can lead to more severe issues.

Causes Of Corns

  • Not wearing socks-when you don’t wear socks with your shoes, you create friction, rubbing, and unnecessary pressure. When this continues to happen, you will develop corns.
  • Toe deformities-if you suffer from issues like hammertoe, mallet toe, bone spurs, or other deformities, you will be at high risk for corns because of the pressure you are putting on your toes.
  • Wearing the incorrect shoes-when you wear tight shoes or shoes too loose, and you experience repeated friction that causes your toes to inflate. Over time, this causes corns to grow where the inflammation is.

You can tell when you are getting a corn because you will see discoloration, and the skin where the inflammation has occurred will become extremely thick. One thing to keep in mind is when you have corns; they tend to rip and tear. When this happens, that can cause infections. If you suffer from diabetes, you will need to be extremely careful as infections lead to more significant future issues.

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