When Skin Lesions Are Dangerous

A lesion on your foot will develop quickly in cases, and they vary in how they look. A skin lesion of the foot is often painful and an undiagnosed sign of a deeper issue. In particular, this is bothersome because you have increased pressure and weight on the lesions, which causes them to take longer to heal. When this happens in a diabetic foot, the circulation is compromised, and you may need to have surgery to prevent loss of toes.

When Skin Lesions Are Dangerous

  • Trauma-when trauma occurs to a foot that already has painful issues. You may find you are experiencing a chemical reaction or a more incredible amount of friction which can cause bleeding and sores to erupt.
  • Tumors-a skin lesion could be the sign of something more serious such as cancerous melanoma. There are aggressive forms of these cancers and less aggressive forms, but in either case, you should always have a skin lesion checked by a podiatrist so it doesn’t become life-threatening.
  • Infection-when a skin lesion gets infected, it can cause staph, fungus, and other issues that will need treatment right away. If your foot becomes infected with staph, you will need to be seen right away by a foot doctor as your body can go into sepsis.

Skin lesions can lead to problematic issues with your feet, but you don’t have to worry about it leading to more severe cases. Our team at Your Next Step Podiatry has offices in three locations. Serving the Paoli areas of Berwyn, Chester County, and the Western Suburbs, the Ardmore areas of Montgomery County, Greater Philadelphia and Lower Merion, and the Downingtown areas, a team of doctors that can heal any issue awaits you. Board certified Dr. Eric Ricefield, Dr. Mark Yagodich, and Dr. Aliza V. Eisen, board qualified, offer Nail Lasers, Achilles Tendonitis treatment, Plantar Fasciitis treatment, and injections along with Tennex procedures.  You know you are in the best hands possible. Don’t let your foot lesions become serious. Call our office In Downingtown at (610) 873-0322 or our Ardmore office at (610) – 642-8837 to make an appointment today.

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