Help Build Up Your Immune System with Food

You can help ward off bacterial, viral, and fungal infections by eating foods that help keep your immune system working optimally. Foods that supply vital nutrients, like antioxidants and amino acids, can be used by your body to create antibodies against these opportunistic infections.

Some of the best foods to help build up your immune response include the following:

  • Mushrooms—are loaded with the B vitamins, riboflavin, and niacin, which are essential for a properly functioning immune system. Mushrooms also contain high concentrations of amino acid proteins that provide the building blocks for a robust immune response.
  • Dark-colored berries—Blueberries, elderberries, and acai berries are just a few of the varieties that contain an abundant supply of antioxidants and other nutrients including anthocyanins.
  • Oysters—are rich in the mineral zinc, which has been shown to have some virus defeating capabilities. Zinc helps with the creation and optimal functioning of your white blood cells, which are vital to the proper functioning of your immune system.
  • Watermelon—The red part of the watermelon that is closest to the rind contains high amounts of the antioxidant glutathione, which helps to strengthen your immune system.

Eating a diet rich in healthy foods like fresh fruits, vegetables, fish, and lean meats, along with regular exercise and sufficient sleep, are excellent habits to help you to stay in tip-top shape.

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