Make a Fort with Rolled Up Newspaper

Making newspaper forts is a fun activity for the kids while safely sheltering at home. Kids about the age of seven can do this project without much additional assistance, and all you need to make your building components is newspaper, tape, and perhaps a stapler.

Follow these simple steps to make newspaper triangles that can be taped together into a wide variety of fort shapes and sizes:

  • Form your newspaper sheets into tight rolls (the tighter the roll, the sturdier it will be)—Lay two sheets of newspaper together on a flat surface and start from one corner and start tightly rolling the paper into long hollow sticks. Depending on the size of the newspaper, your sticks will each be about two feet long. Use a small piece of tape to keep the paper from unraveling. Make at least two dozen to start. You can always make more as needed.
  • Tape or staple into triangles—Make equilateral triangles by taping or stapling three newspaper sticks together at the ends. These triangles will be the building blocks for your fort.
  • Combine the triangles to form a base and roof—Now let your kids be creative and tape and staple the triangles together into a fort shape with walls and a roof. Drape a sheet or light blanket over the structure and viola!

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