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Progressive Symptoms of Toenail Fungus

A fungal toenail infection can range from a mild inconvenience to a severe problem that can even lead to the amputation of a toe. A mild infection can oftentimes be treated with home remedies, but be certain to carefully monitor the situation to check for signs of spreading. A mild toenail infection will have the […]

8 Tips to Avoid Nail Fungus

With summer weather in full swing in Pennsylvania, there are more opportunities for sandals and being barefoot for swimming and other summer activities. With so many chances to show off your feet, no one wants to have fungal toenails, an infection that results in thick, discolored, brittle, foul-smelling nails. Nail fungus is caused by small […]

Eliminating Toenail Fungus Important in Diabetic Nail Care

Fungal nail can be a problem for anyone, but for an individual with diabetes it can be the start of serious complications. Onychomycosis, or toenail fungus, penetrates the nail bed which makes it hard to eliminate. Your toenails get brittle and easily break. If they break into sharp points they can damage nearby tissue and […]

New Nail Laser Centers Fight Toenail Fungus

Onychomycosis – it’s a long and scary word – but it’s simply a common fungal infection of the nail. You may be at risk for this embarrassing and sometimes painful condition if you have diabetes or circulatory problems. You may also have a greater chance of fungal nail if you have had trauma to the […]

Ingrown Toenails Need Professional Treatment

Most of us take our feet for granted – toenails too! But we need to treat our feet well to keep them in tip-top condition. One way to stay on top of foot health is to build a foot and toenail check into your daily routine. Examine toes frequently for anything out of the ordinary. […]

Healing Unsightly Toenail Fungus

Are your feet looking their best for sandal season? Or have you noticed a toenail or two that appears thickened or ragged, dull and discolored? If so you may have a nail fungus in one or more of your nails. Where Does Nail Fungus Come From? The microscopic organism that causes toenail fungal infections thrives […]

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