New Nail Laser Centers Fight Toenail Fungus

Onychomycosis – it’s a long and scary word – but it’s simply a common fungal infection of the nail.

You may be at risk for this embarrassing and sometimes painful condition if you have diabetes or circulatory problems. You may also have a greater chance of fungal nail if you have had trauma to the nails, live in a warm climate, wear tight footwear, have a history of athlete’s foot or have a family history of toenail fungus.

Fungal nail is caused by three types of fungi that prefer dark, damp places like locker rooms, showers and swimming pools. Some patients have toenail fungus without symptoms for many years. In others the nail thickens and changes color to a brownish-yellow. The infection is easily spread to neighboring nails and even the skin.

Over-the-counter creams or polishes may work temporarily but can’t get under the nail to kill the fungus so the infection usually returns. Oral treatments are somewhat more successful but often come with unpleasant and potentially risky side effects.

Innovative Laser Treatment for Toenail Fungus

This state of the art technology targets and kills the fungus that causes the nail bed infection. The laser actually vaporizes the fungal DNA so it cannot grow. This treatment usually takes only one session and does not damage adjacent skin. The recovery time is short – patients often return to their normal activities immediately.

The laser treatment is available right in our Philadelphia area New Nail Laser Centers. After trimming and thinning the affected nails, we treat them with the laser for only about 20 minutes – and it’s completely painless so no anesthesia is necessary. Positive long-term results are reinforced with good foot hygiene.

Preventing Toenail Fungus

It’s important to keep your feet and toes clean and dry to prevent fungal nail:

  • Wash and dry feet every day in warm, soapy water and dry thoroughly – especially between the toes.
  • Wear moisture-wicking socks like cotton, acrylics and wool.
  • Choose open-toe or ventilated shoes.
  • Wear flip-flops or shower shoes in public places like pools, locker rooms and showers.
  • Visit only nail salons with sanitary premises and instruments and that display proper licensing.
  • Always wash your hands after touching an infected nail.

Contact Us for Relief from Toenail Fungus

You don’t have to suffer from the unsightliness and pain of fungal nail. Call Dr. Eric Ricefield, Dr. Mark Yagodich and Dr. Aliza V. Eisen, board certified or qualified podiatrists to discuss how the New Nail Laser Centers can finally help rid your feet of fungal nail. You’ll find all contact information for our Ardmore, Paoli and Downingtown offices at the website. Act today – your toes will thank you for it!

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