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Skin Cancer on Your Feet

Skin cancer is often attributed to excess sun exposure, and some individuals are more susceptible to the sun than others. If you have white, freckled skin, and light colored hair you are more likely to have sunburns which makes you more vulnerable to developing skin lesions and cancer, but many other factors are also involved. […]

Check Your Feet for Cancer

Skin cancer is often associated with excessive sun exposure and so it frequently affects the head, neck, face, and hands. But your feet are also susceptible to developing a variety of cancers some of which can be caused by viruses, chemicals, and inflammatory conditions, so always keep this in mind when you do your foot […]

What About Foot Cancer?

Your feet are susceptible to a variety of cancers and tumors, both benign and malignant, just like any other part of your body. Detecting the obvious and not so obvious signs of cancer in the early stages is extremely important to successful treatment. Regular foot inspections with your podiatrist to check for unusual changes are […]

Charcot Foot: A Potentially Severe Joint Disease

Patients with diabetes are at increased risk of various joint and bone disorders. Some problems that are associated with diabetes contribute to these conditions – for example, diabetic neuropathy and arterial disease. However, even in those with diabetes, often the cause isn’t so clear. Charcot Joint Begins with Nerve Damage A Charcot joint occurs when […]

Nutrition Matters to Your Feet

When you prepare a meal or get a snack, you probably don’t think about your feet. But it’s true that nutrition and diet affect our feet as much as the rest of our body. Many foot diseases and conditions are caused by tissue inflammation. Often an inflammation of the plantar fascia, a thick band of […]

Heel Pain in Children May Be Sever’s Disease

Does your tween or teen complain of heel pain especially after physical activities like soccer, track, basketball and gymnastics? If so he or she may suffer from Sever’s disease. This chronic condition is a painful bone disorder resulting from an inflammation of the heel growth plate and usually occurs during the growth spurt in early […]

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