Caring For Bunions

A bunion is a bulge that occurs at the base of your big toe. It can be painful and swell, causing inflammation, and the pain will spread to the rest of your foot. It causes limited mobility and use of the big toe while creating corns and calluses as well. There are several reasons a bunion might […]

How to Care For Claw Toe

Claw toes are a condition that causes your toes to bend into a position that looks like a claw. Most people confuse it for hammertoe, but clawed toes will bend down. While it can cause discomfort and cause mobility issues or corns developing, the real problem is this condition could be a sign of deeper […]

When Skin Lesions Are Dangerous

A lesion on your foot will develop quickly in cases, and they vary in how they look. A skin lesion of the foot is often painful and an undiagnosed sign of a deeper issue. In particular, this is bothersome because you have increased pressure and weight on the lesions, which causes them to take longer […]

The Secret Pain of Having Flat Feet

In most cases, having flat feet won’t cause any issues. It can make shoe shopping a little complicated, but other than that, there isn’t much to worry about unless your feet are causing you pain. Then you have reason to be concerned. You can make simple solutions that will offer significant support, and surgery doesn’t […]

The Moore Balance Brace Is Here to Save The Day

When people suffer from long-term injuries with their feet and ankles, they can find that they need a Moore Balance Brace to walk correctly. The brace is a solution implemented for those who have a fear of falling while they walk. Using this brace assures that you won’t slip, and you will walk much better. […]

What Causes Painful Foot Cramps?

Muscle contractions in the lower leg and foot muscle spasms can come on suddenly and be extremely debilitating. You often can relieve foot cramps by pulling hard on the toes. The primary cause of cramping is improper fluid and nutrient balance. Your muscles need the right amount of minerals and fluids to operate correctly and staying […]

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