7 Causes of Ankle Pain

The ankle is made up of a complex array of tendons, ligaments, tissues and bones so it is really no wonder that there are many ailments that can cause your ankle to hurt. Chronic lateral ankle pain and other radiating pain from even the most innocuous of ankle sprains can cause you to feel pain […]

2 Major Causes of Toenail Trouble

Avoid potential problems with your toenails by always giving them a thorough inspection when you are trimming or polishing them. Look for signs of thickening and yellowing of the nail that may be the indication of fungal toenail infection. Redness and swelling at the edge of a toenail may be a sign of an ingrown […]

How to Treat Sesamoiditis

Sesamoiditis is a condition that affects the two tiny sesamoid bones that float in the ball of your foot area. These bones are unique in that they have no direct connection to the surrounding structure except by tendons and tissues. They absorb pressure when you walk and also help to provide stability, but when they […]

4 Ways to Prevent Injuries While Exercising

The stress and pressure caused by the force of repetitive exercise increase the risk of injuries to the feet and ankles. Conditions like plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis, shin splints, and ankle sprains are all very common exercise injuries, but there are some rather easy steps you can take to minimize your chances of getting injured […]

5 Causes of Metatarsal Syndrome

Extreme pain and discomfort in the ball of the foot can occur in a condition known as metatarsal syndrome. This condition is very much like the more widely known carpal tunnel syndrome that affects the wrist, and both conditions cause similar problems but in totally different locations. These 5 issues can cause Metatarsal syndrome: Working, […]

Severe Heel Pain Can Occur Suddenly

Heel pain has a wide variety of causes, many of which can happen without warning or when you least expect it, such as often occurs with the condition called plantar fasciitis that can cause severe heel pain in the middle of the night. Sudden heel pain can be caused by many conditions including the following: […]

The 2 Main Types of Flat Feet

One of the easiest ways to determine if you have flat feet is to wet your feet and then stand on a dry, flat surface and notice the pattern on the floor. If you have flat feet there will be a full foot imprint rather than one that shows the arch. Untreated flat feet cause […]

When Should I See My Foot Doctor?

Your feet and ankles form the hopefully firm foundation that the rest of your body uses for support doing all kinds of activities including walking, running, and just plain old standing. With the multitude of bones, ligaments, and other tissues that comprise your feet and ankles it’s no wonder that you have problems now and […]

How to Prevent Foot Fungus

An athlete’s foot fungal infection can cause red, peeling, and burning skin so it is definitely something to be avoided. Some excellent precautions you can take to keep your feet healthy and be proactive in avoiding a fungal infection are pretty straightforward and easy to achieve. Some great ways to prevent an athlete’s foot fungal […]

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