Summer Foot Care: Our Top 7 Tips


Summer here in Pennsylvania is filled with sea, sand, and fun for many of us. But your feet don’t necessarily love swimming in the refreshing ocean or soaking up the sun! Your feet take somewhat of a beating during the summer months, so to help keep your feet feeling wonderful and looking beautiful, Dr. Eric Ricefield, Dr. Mark Yagodich, Dr. Aliza V. Eisen, and Cassandra Stache, DPM of greater Philadelphia’s Your Next Step Foot and Ankle Care Center share their top 7 summer foot care tips.

Here are Our Top 7 Tips:

  1. Don’t walk barefoot: Unless you’re at home, always wear footwear in public. Your feet can get dirty and pick up all sorts of fungal infections and germs or burn on hot surfaces during the peak of summer.
  2. Indulge in cold foot soaks: After a hot day, your feet may be sore or swollen. Did you know that your feet can benefit from cold soaks? Soak them in a bowl of ice water for about 5 to 10 minutes, and soon they’ll feel refreshed and return to their normal size.
  3. Apply sunscreen: When applying sunscreen, don’t forget your feet! Because they are one of the most exposed areas of your body during the summer months, they need just as much protection from sun damage as the rest of your body.
  4. Invest in water shoes: If you participate in water-based outdoor activities like kayaking, fishing, snorkeling, or canoeing, invest in water shoes. These will protect your feet while exposed to rocky surfaces and sand and provide better grip and stability on slippery or uneven surfaces.
  5. Moisturize your feet: After exfoliating your feet, get in the shower, wash and dry them, and moisturize them to help your skin absorb and retain more moisture. This will protect your feet from becoming cracked or rough again. You may have to repeat this process over several days.
  6. Exfoliate your feet: Use a foot file or pumice stone to scrub rough patches of skin on the bottoms of your feet. During summer, wearing open shoes can leave your feet exposed and more prone to hardening skin. Concentrate on the most affected areas, such as your heels, the sides of your feet, and the base of your big toe.
  7. Give your flip-flops a break: When it’s extremely hot outside, you want to wear the coolest footwear, like flip-flops. But wearing them all day, every day is not going to help your feet. Backless footwear leaves the sides of your feet and heels exposed to the severe summer elements. Balance your time with closed and more protective and supportive shoes.

If your feet need extra care this summer and home remedies aren’t working, contact Greater Philadelphia’s Your Next Step Foot and Ankle Care Center. You can click here to locate contact information for the office nearest you to book your appointment.

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