Summertime Beach Walking

It is no secret that walking on the beach during the summertime can be a very relaxing experience. Feeling the warmth of the sun on your face, the sand under your toes, and thinking of endless summer days ahead. Ahh, it doesn’t get any better than this!

Whether you are a power walker or just enjoy a simple stroll on the beach, you may want to learn the many benefits of a relaxing walk near the ocean.

Benefits Of Walking On The Beach

  • Strength gain-walking on the sand creates resistance. This means more muscles and tendons are involved in walking on the sand than if you were walking on a hard surface. As your foot sinks into the sand, your muscles are working harder to push you forward. The extra work added to those muscles can help strengthen your ankles and arches.
  • Sand Challenge – the deeper the sand, the harder the workout and burning more calories. Although the unevenness of the sand may throw you off a bit with your balance, the more you walk on the sand, the more you will get acquainted with the uncertain dips in the sand. Start out on the harder sand closer to the water and slowly gravitate towards the deeper sand. This helps improve your balance and helps strengthen your foot and ankle muscles.
  • Exfoliate your calluses –when you walk barefoot on the beach, the sand works as a natural exfoliant on your skin. The sand softens up those calluses on the balls of your feet and your heels along with helping increase foot circulation.
  • Good for the heart- studies have shown that walking on the sand is a great form of low-impact cardio exercise. Walking on the sand burns more calories than you would if you were walking on flat surfaces.

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