Keeping Feet Healthy in the Gym

Summer is a time when people begin going to the gym. That is a beautiful goal, and it can be a great way to get fit. However, did you know the gym can cause sweaty feet and bacteria to grow in your shoes? Don’t worry, you can still work out and keep your feet healthy. You just need to wear the right shoes and adopt some new techniques to keep your feet feeling their best.

How to Protect Your Feet

Wear the proper socks- when working out, your feet will sweat. You need a pair of sweat-absorbent socks and a shoe that will support the arch of your foot while offering to cushion for your heel. Without that cushioning and support, you can develop plantar fasciitis, which can be very painful. If the shoe is too small, you can experience a thickening of your nerve tissue. Cotton socks, in particular, also help you avoid blisters. Diabetic patients should be cautious because the slightest cut could cause infection.

Never go barefoot-when you do, you are letting your feet absorb the bacteria and fungus on the floors and showers. If you have a cut or ingrown toenail, they should be covered because bacteria are attracted to them.

Avoid foot pain and spraining your ankle-when people work out, a beginner might think they don’t need to stretch and can go all in. It would be best if you didn’t do this because you will injure yourself. Instead, you need to stretch to loosen your muscles and increase your workouts over time. That lets your body adjust, and you avoid stress factors or hurting your muscles.

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