Clubfoot is a congenital condition that manifests as an abnormal inward rotation of the ankle so that the soles of one or both feet are facing each other. It is one of the more common congenital deformities, affecting about 1 in 1000 babies. Fortunately, with proper treatment, clubfoot can be corrected so that the child can walk and participate in activities normally.

Clubfoot can be categorized as isolated, which means that there are no other health issues aside from the clubfoot. This is much more common than the other nonisolated clubfoot, which usually appears in addition to other health issues like neuromuscular conditions.


In most cases, conservative methods are sufficient to correct the deformity through the Ponseti method.

  • This method involves manual manipulation, stretching, as well as casting that helps slowly correct the clubfoot over a period of several months.
  • Once the casting is complete, a minor surgical procedure is usually performed to cut the tight heel cord.
  • Braces will then be required to ensure the clubfoot does not recur.

For severe cases of clubfoot that do not sufficiently respond to the conservative methods of stretching and casting, surgery may be performed to align the necessary bones, tendons, ligaments and tissues to a normal position.

The flexibility of a baby’s bone and tissues make treating clubfoot a relatively successful endeavor, so it is important to consult with a podiatrist if you notice that your baby’s feet look deformed. At Your Next Step, you will have a team of experienced foot care specialists, Dr. Eric Ricefield, Dr. Mark Yagodich and Dr. Aliza V. Eisen to diagnose and guide you and your family through all of the steps involved in treatments. From babies to seniors, ankle sprains to ankle surgery, Your Next Step podiatrists are equipped with the experience and innovative technologies to address your foot and ankle concerns. For questions or for scheduling an appointment, please contact us at any of our offices located in Ardmore, Paoli, and Downingtown.

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