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Why are My Feet So Hot?

Having the feeling that your feet are burning can be caused by a variety of conditions including the primary cause which is diabetic nerve damage. This damage, called diabetic neuropathy, creates a sense of tingling, numbness, and burning that usually gets more pronounced as the condition progresses. Excessive alcohol consumption can also cause nerve damage […]

Check Skin Lesions to Avoid Melanoma

Although your feet may not get a lot of sun exposure, they are still susceptible to lesions just like the skin on other parts of your body. And since lesions can be cancerous and often look like other skin conditions like warts, moles, and blisters, it’s very important to have them evaluated by your foot […]

Ankle Sprains and Other Running Injuries

You don’t need a lot of equipment to enjoy the benefits of running, and you can frequently find a nice refreshing outdoor venue to run in. There are also indoor tracks at schools and gyms that you can use during inclement weather. Running is a relatively easy and accessible sport. However, it’s imperative to have […]

Foot Care for Your Child

The first several years of a child’s life is full of growth and change. Properly caring for their feet is especially important in order to prevent problems when children are older. The following tips can help to ensure healthy development in their feet! Babies’ bones are flexible and not fully developed, so it is important […]

Warning Signs of Peripheral Arterial Disease

Did you know that September is Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD) awareness month? It is a very common circulatory condition, but many people do not realize that they have the disease. Since so many people suffer from this condition, this month is the perfect opportunity to spread knowledge and awareness about PAD. What is it? Peripheral […]

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