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7 Treatments for Sesamoiditis

  You have two small bones in each foot in the ball area, called sesamoids. The unique thing about sesamoid bones is they are free-floating bones with no rigid connection to other bones. The largest sesamoid bone is the kneecap. In the case of your feet, the sesamoid bones absorb pressure from walking and also […]

How to Treat Painful Plantar Warts

  Warts that grow in the tissue that spans the bottom of your foot (known as the plantar fascia) can be very painful and debilitating, especially when the weight of your body comes down on one when you try to walk. Plantar warts are often difficult to see often hidden by a thick skin and […]

4 Ways Your Feet Change as You Age

Your feet really do an incredible job supporting your weight and activities as you go about your days, but unfortunately you will notice an increase in foot and ankle problems like arthritis and tendonitis as the components of your body wear out. Many of these changes occur slowly, so if you pay attention to your […]

4 Causes of Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome

The tarsal tunnel is a relatively hollow space inside the ankle that is a conduit for the nerves, veins, arteries, and tendons that pass through the area. A major nerve that supplies the foot called the posterior tibial nerve travels through the tunnel.  When it becomes pinched or compressed from stress, pressure, or disease it […]

3 Causes of Pain on the Top of the Foot

Dropping something heavy on the top of your foot can cause a fracture. Diseases like diabetes can contribute to the top of the foot pain and numbness. Pain on the top of the foot has many possible causes, so be sure to see your foot doctor to get the proper diagnosis and treatment recommendations. 3 […]

Why are My Feet Cramping?

A foot cramp is a sudden contraction of a muscle in your foot or leg that causes an uncontrolled tightening that feels like it will never release. Foot and leg cramps can be extremely painful and debilitating but they usually subside after several minutes. You can help avoid cramping by staying properly hydrated through consuming […]

How to Treat Sesamoiditis

Sesamoiditis is a condition that affects the two tiny sesamoid bones that float in the ball of your foot area. These bones are unique in that they have no direct connection to the surrounding structure except by tendons and tissues. They absorb pressure when you walk and also help to provide stability, but when they […]

5 Causes of Metatarsal Syndrome

Extreme pain and discomfort in the ball of the foot can occur in a condition known as metatarsal syndrome. This condition is very much like the more widely known carpal tunnel syndrome that affects the wrist, and both conditions cause similar problems but in totally different locations. These 5 issues can cause Metatarsal syndrome: Working, […]

Did I Just Break My Foot?

Many broken bones occur in the feet and ankles due to all the stress that we put on them every day. Some examples of these breaks include a broken heel that can be the result of landing hard after a high jump and toes that form stress fractures from participating in high impact sports like […]

How to Prevent Gout

Gout is caused by uric acid that can build up in the bloodstream, and while it is a normal ingredient of your blood, when any excess accumulation isn’t expelled through urination, the acid can reach high enough levels to crystallize out of the bloodstream and into the tissues around the joints, especially the big toe […]

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