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How Custom Orthotics May Help Your Feet, Knees, and Back

  Custom orthotic shoe inserts and ankle support devices treat and prevent foot and ankle issues by helping to isolate and cushion problem areas, and by optimally redirecting pressure. The improved alignment improves knee, hip, and back function as well. How custom orthotics can help your feet, knees, and back too: Proper arch support—Having the […]

Orthotics Treat Many Problems

Orthotic shoe inserts can be created by your foot doctor to fit your exact foot shape. They can add support where needed and redirect pressure away from problem areas. Not only do custom orthotic shoe inserts treat foot and ankle problems, but also they can treat the gait abnormalities that so often contribute to pain […]

How to Treat Arthritis in Your Feet

Your feet are made up of numerous components, including thirty joints, which makes them one of the primary locations for arthritic conditions to develop. Three common types of arthritis include osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, and trauma induced arthritis. The symptoms of the different types of arthritis tend to get worse as you age, and they consist […]

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