5 Amazing Facts About Your Feet

Your feet are an astonishing feat of natural engineering as they perform the daily miracles of getting us up, walking, working, running, and dancing. But most people say they neglect their feet until foot or ankle sprain or a fracture has them heading to the foot doctor. Seeing your foot doctor before you have a major problem will help catch illnesses and treat injuries and deformities before they worsen and require more aggressive care.


Here are 5 amazing facts about your feet:

  • Size 26 is the largest feet ever seen— Hernandez of Venezuela has the biggest feet ever measured–a size 26!, over sixteen inches long.
  • Amazing engineering—Your feet are each made up of over 100 muscles, tendons, and other connective tissues, 26 bones, and 33 joints.
  • Your toenails grow more slowly than your fingernails—Your toenails grow only 1/16th of an inch per month, but your fingernails can easily grow 1/8th of an inch or more in a month. Your nails also grow faster in warmer weather.
  • Your heel has the thickest skin on your body—The ball areas and heels of your feet have the thickest of anywhere else on your body.
  • Your feet absorb hundreds of tons of pressure every day—All those steps really add up!

Another amazing foot fact is that three-fourths of people say they neglect their feet. Take good care of your amazing feet by seeing your foot doctor regularly! At Your Next Step, our team of board-certified podiatrists has access to advanced technologies, along with years of experience, to help diagnose and treat a variety of foot and ankle problems, including sports injuries, joint pain, toe deformities, nail fungus, chronic tendon pain, and skin problems. Dr. Eric Ricefield, Dr. Mark Yagodich, and Dr. Aliza V. Eisen provide high-quality foot and ankle care to patients in the greater Philadelphia area at our offices conveniently located in Ardmore, Paoli, and Downingtown, PA. Please contact us for more information or to schedule an appointment.

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