Relief for Bone Spurs

Bone spurs, which are bony growths on normal bone, are a common culprit for causing heel pain and can lead to difficulty with mobility and damage to the area. It can be challenging at times for people to notice and address their foot and ankle pain, but experienced podiatrists at Your Next Step can help!

What causes bone spurs?

Prolonged pressure and stress on an isolated area of your foot can cause your body to respond through building extra bone. This stress can result from:

  • Improper footwear that causes rubbing or pressure
  • High impact activities such as running, jumping, dancing
  • Diabetes-related issues
  • Osteoarthritis, which decreases cushioning between bones
  • Obesity

 What treatments are available?

Bone spurs can go undetected for long periods of time if they aren’t causing pain, but they can be easily detected through X-rays. The following methods can help to alleviate the underlying cause for painful bone spurs:

  • Custom orthotics – Custom orthotics can help to correct any abnormal foot mechanics that caused the bone spurs
  • Change in footwear – Ensuring that you are wearing the proper-fitting supportive shoes can help in relieving pressure
  • Weight loss – Reducing the amount of overall pressure on the feet can help to reduce stress
  • Physical therapy – Ultrasound therapies, massages, and stretches and exercises can all help to address underlying causes
  • Medications

For instances where the bone spur itself needs treatment, surgery to remove the bone as part of a reconstructive surgery may be recommended.

If you are experiencing foot or ankle pain, or suspect a bone spur, consult with our board-certified podiatrists, Dr. Eric Ricefield, Dr. Mark Yagodich and Dr. Aliza V. Eisen, at Your Next Step. We offer advanced and innovative technologies like Tenex Health TX and laser therapy for nail fungus, and offer high quality care for all types of foot and ankle conditions. From sports injuries, toe deformities, chronic heel pain to diabetic foot issues, we are dedicated to helping you regain your foot health! To schedule an appointment at our offices in Ardmore, Paoli, or Downingtown, PA, contact us today!

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