Making Healthy Food Choices for Patients with Diabetes

The American Diabetes Association is celebrating a special anniversary this year – 75 years! 2015’s theme is Eat Well, America!

Eating healthily is a very important component of managing diabetes. The Eat Well, America! program has lots of information to demonstrate to all Americans that eating is one of life’s greatest pleasures and it also includes intriguing tips specifically for those with diabetes. Read on for some of the highlights:

  • Check out Understanding Carbohydrates to understand how the balance between the insulin in your body and the carbohydrates you eat affects blood glucose levels.
  • Learn how to Create your Plate at mealtime. Design your plate to include 25% protein, 25% grains and starchy foods and 50% non-starchy vegetables. When you add fruit, a drink and a small amount of healthy fat, you’ve built a delicious meal that can help manage blood glucose levels.
  • Add Diabetes Superfoods to your diet every day. They have a low glycemic index and provide key nutrients.
  • Fitness is another key component to managing diabetes. Regular exercise in your overall health plan is important to help manage blood glucose levels and improve your A1C score.

Your Next Step encourages you to visit the American Diabetes Month website for valuable information on how individuals with diabetes can manage their diabetes at the same time they enjoy healthy and delicious foods. You’ll find meal planning and shopping tips, recipes, sample grocery lists and chefs’ preparation secrets. There’s even special information on vegetarian and gluten-free diets and lots of fun ideas for holiday meal planning. As a special treat during American Diabetes Month in November, each week nutritious recipes especially chosen by renowned chefs and cookbook authors will be showcased.

Foot Health is Important for Patients with Diabetes

Dr. Eric Ricefield, Dr. Mark Yagodich and Dr. Aliza V. Eisen, board certified or qualified podiatrists, know the risks for foot diseases and conditions for those with diabetes. We urge you call us and schedule a comprehensive foot exam. We have three offices conveniently located in Ardmore, Paoli and Downingtown and you can find contact information through our website. Remember – managing diabetes takes careful planning and good foot care cannot be ignored.

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