Time for Back to School Shoe Shopping

The weather may still be hot here in the greater Philadelphia area but don’t be fooled – the first day of school is right around the corner. It’s time to take the kids shopping for new backpacks and, of course, school shoes.

Make Smart Choices for Your Child’s Protection and Comfort

Is your child begging for the latest character footwear, like Universal Picture’s Minions or perhaps Jurassic World? Parents, be firm! Shop for school shoes that are both sturdy and comfortable so they can endure hours at the playground.

At Your Next Step, we recommend the following tips to get the right shoe for all school activities:

  • Check your school’s dress code to see if any special shoe is required for uniforms, or restrictions such as no sandals allowed.
  • Each time you shop, have a professional measure both feet. Length, width and arch should all be measured and shop later in the day when feet are largest. Bring your child’s socks for trying shoes on.
  • Allow 1/2 inch between the end of the longest toe and the tip of the shoe for growth.
  • Select shoes that are flexible – they should bend easily, and toes and heels should be level with the ground.
  • Look for durable, quality materials like leather and suede. Although more expensive, it lasts longer than other less expensive synthetics.
  • Have your child walk around the store and observe that the heels don’t slip. Shoes should be immediately comfortable without any “breaking in” period.
  • Avoid outfitting your child in hand-me-down shoes. While it’s tempting to “re-use” shoes, pre-worn shoes have molded to the prior owner’s feet and won’t fit your child properly.

You may need to negotiate a bit with your child, but with the right choices his or her feet will start the school right!

Happy Feet Are a Big Part of Back to School Success

Dr. Eric Ricefield, Dr. Mark Yagodich and Dr. Aliza V. Eisen, board certified or qualified podiatrists, are happy to evaluate your child’s foot health. We will look for any abnormalities like in- or out-toeing as well as flat feet, and can recommend shoes for any conditions we find. Please contact us through our website for an evaluation appointment or call us at 610-642-8837. Your Next Step has convenient hours in our Ardmore office in Montgomery County as well as our Paoli office in Chester County.

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