Painful Running Injuries

With the lovely summer weather in full swing here in the greater Philadelphia area, many people are getting outdoors for exercise. One of the easiest and most popular exercises is running—it doesn’t require a lot of gear to get started, and you can pretty much run just about anywhere. Although running is great exercise, you […]

Advantages of Orthotics

The best course of action for preventing foot and ankle problems in the first place is to use the proper footwear, stretch before exercise, and perform regular foot inspections and cleanings. In addition, the use of orthotic shoe inserts and devices can provide more support and treat abnormalities in foot structure that cause many foot […]

Do You Suffer from Corns?

Corns and calluses can happen any time of the year, but when the sun is high and the corn is on your plate instead of your foot, it’s easy to neglect your feet. So pay attention to your corns! What is the difference between corns and calluses? Corns These usually form when two or more […]

I Sprained My Ankle! Now What?

It can happen suddenly and unexpectedly when you’re out walking, running, playing tennis or other sports. You take an awkward step and roll over your foot, twisting your ankle. A minor sprain may just be an annoyance for a few days that responds well to rest. However, a severe ankle sprain can be disabling and […]

The Many Benefits of Hiking

Summer is here, and there are many benefits to participating in outdoor activities such as hiking! Whether you’re just taking a short hike around the block or embarking on an epic journey like tackling the Appalachian Trail, the benefits of hiking are multifold and include the following: Boost your energy!—There’s no better way to boost […]

Shopping For Sports Shoes

With summer in full gear, many people are shopping for new athletic shoes. When you step into a shoe store, the myriad of choices can be mind boggling. Getting your new shoes fitted properly should be your primary concern, since poorly fitting shoes can cause so many foot problems. Here is a list of 5 […]

Your Feet & Diabetes

Having a diabetic nerve condition can become a nightmare for your feet, so it is very important to take adequate care to avoid complications that could lead to something as dreadful as an amputation. Because of the feeling of numbness, or the inability to feel pain, diabetic patients can be completely unaware that an injury […]

Flexible Flat Feet

Flexible flat feet are typified by the disappearance of your arch upon weight bearing, and the return of your arch after you pick your foot up. It generally begins in childhood and affects both feet, with the possibility of severe complications developing into adulthood if it is left untreated. Potential complications of flexible flat feet […]

Foot Ball Pain (Metatarsalgia)

The location on your foot where the three middle toes intersect with the middle of the foot (the “ball” of your foot) absorbs a huge amount of force whenever you walk or exercise which is why you are more likely to suffer an injury to this area, especially during high impact sporting activities. The pain […]

Ingrown Toenail Troubles

An ingrown toenail, also called onychocryptosis, is a very common condition that most of us can relate to. While occasionally suffering from an ingrown toenail can be a painful inconvenience, for some people, multiple toes can be affected simultaneously and repeatedly, turning an inconvenience into a constant battle against pain and infections. It’s often the […]

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