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How to Treat & Prevent Blisters on Your Feet

As everyone likely knows, blisters are small skin sacs that are filled with a clear fluid. Blisters form as a natural reaction to rubbing and friction and people who wear tight or poorly fitting shoes are more likely to get blisters on their feet. For patients with diabetes, blisters need to be found and treated […]

Shopping For Sports Shoes

With summer in full gear, many people are shopping for new athletic shoes. When you step into a shoe store, the myriad of choices can be mind boggling. Getting your new shoes fitted properly should be your primary concern, since poorly fitting shoes can cause so many foot problems. Here is a list of 5 […]

Flexible Flat Feet

Flexible flat feet are typified by the disappearance of your arch upon weight bearing, and the return of your arch after you pick your foot up. It generally begins in childhood and affects both feet, with the possibility of severe complications developing into adulthood if it is left untreated. Potential complications of flexible flat feet […]

Treating Heel Pain with Custom Orthotics

Heel pain is one of the most common reasons why patients seek help from podiatrists. Of the many causes for heel pain, improperly supported feet are often the primary culprit. One way podiatrists can help patients achieve heel pain relief is through creating custom orthotics to place inside footwear. There are 2 types of custom […]

Effective Treatment for Toenail Fungus

It was easy to hide your toenails in the winter, but are they ready for sandal season? Toenail fungus can be an embarrassing and stubborn condition if you do not get proper treatment. Get help from experienced podiatrists to achieve healthier, clear nails! What does nail fungus look like? Nail fungus is caused by an […]

Preparing Your Feet for Sandal Weather

As we put the long winter behind us it is time to look forward to warm, spring days. Are your feet ready for sandal season? It’s common for the dry, cold winter season to have taken a toll on your feet, so now is the perfect time to get your feet in sandal shape with […]

Choosing Walking Shoes

As temperatures rise and the outdoors becomes more inviting, it is a time when many people take their exercise outdoors. Walking is a great way to exercise regularly without the extra stress and impact of other activities like running or a sport. It can be challenging to buy shoes when there are many types, so […]

5 Ways to Stay Active This Winter

Between the holidays and cold temperatures, for many, the winter season may also coincide with dwindling motivation to stay active. It’s tempting to go into hibernation mode, but staying active through the fall and winter can help keep your body physically, emotionally, and mentally healthy! If you’re not the gym-going type, check out these easy […]

Moore Balance Brace

Do you trip a lot or have difficulty with your balance? Many people, especially older people, struggle with balance problems that stem from ankle instability, peripheral neuropathy, stiff joints, or other underlying conditions or medications. It can be frightening to always be worried about falling, especially when falls are the leading cause of injuries leading […]

Fall Activities for Everyone

With the new fall season comes a host of delicious food, fun events, holidays, and activities that the whole family can enjoy. The Philadelphia area is known to have beautiful foliage and a variety of ways to enjoy the autumn. Enjoy the outdoors and all that fall has to offer with these activities: Apple picking […]

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