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Help Build Up Your Immune System with Food

You can help ward off bacterial, viral, and fungal infections by eating foods that help keep your immune system working optimally. Foods that supply vital nutrients, like antioxidants and amino acids, can be used by your body to create antibodies against these opportunistic infections. Some of the best foods to help build up your immune […]

The Many Benefits of Hiking

Summer is here, and there are many benefits to participating in outdoor activities such as hiking! Whether you’re just taking a short hike around the block or embarking on an epic journey like tackling the Appalachian Trail, the benefits of hiking are multifold and include the following: Boost your energy!—There’s no better way to boost […]

Healthy Snacks for Your Super Bowl Party

It’s official. This year’s Super Bowl will be the New England Patriots vs. the Atlanta Falcons in Houston, Texas. The Super Bowl is the second biggest sporting event of the year, so there’s no surprise that millions of people will be tuning in to watch the game. With watch parties comes the abundance of food […]

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