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5 Excellent Ways to Treat & Prevent Fungal Toenails

A fungal toenail infection is caused essentially by the same order of microscopic fungi that eventually turn into mushrooms. Just like mushrooms, these fungi love warm and moist locales and are particularly fond of the environment inside your shoes and sneakers. The Fungal Kingdom is enormous and underappreciated. If this blog gets you interested in […]

How to Prevent Foot Fungus

An athlete’s foot fungal infection can cause red, peeling, and burning skin so it is definitely something to be avoided. Some excellent precautions you can take to keep your feet healthy and be proactive in avoiding a fungal infection are pretty straightforward and easy to achieve. Some great ways to prevent an athlete’s foot fungal […]

3 Great Treatments for Fungal Toenails

Toenail fungus can be an unsightly and smelly mess that can really ruin the condition of your toenails. It makes your nails turn yellow, thick, and brittle, and there is often a foul odor associated with the fungal activity. The cause of a fungal nail infection is the same fungi that create athlete’s foot infections, […]

Plantar Warts Can Cause Severe Foot Pain

Painful plantar warts are caused by a virus called human papillomavirus (HPV) which chooses to live in your foot after entering through cracks on the calluses on the sole and ball of your foot. HPV is found wherever people congregate, so it can be easily acquired by using public showers, pool areas, and locker rooms. […]

Fungal Toe Nails & Diabetes

The fungi that cause toenail infections can completely penetrate the bed of the nail and can become difficult to remove without rigorous treatment.  Since fungal nails are often very brittle, they can have sharp edges that cut your feet and toes, allowing bacteria and fungi to enter the body and cause an infection. Patients with […]

How to Prevent Athlete’s Foot

The red, itchy, peeling and burning skin that is caused by the fungal infection athlete’s foot is something we would all like to avoid, and there are some precautions you can take to keep your feet healthy and avoid this often smelly and unsightly occurrence. Since the fungi that grow and cause this condition are […]

Preventing Toenail Fungus

Are you experiencing signs of toenail fungus? This condition is very common and has an unwieldy name—onychomycosis. There are actually several different species of fungi that cause the toenail infection, but the primary culprit is the same fungus that causes athlete’s foot. The signs and symptoms of toenail fungus Discoloration and yellowing of the nail […]

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