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7 Causes of Ankle Pain

The ankle is made up of a complex array of tendons, ligaments, tissues and bones so it is really no wonder that there are many ailments that can cause your ankle to hurt. Chronic lateral ankle pain and other radiating pain from even the most innocuous of ankle sprains can cause you to feel pain […]

Treat Sprained Ankles Promptly

A sprained or strained ankle can occur without much warning as the ankle rolls outwards while your foot is still firmly planted on the ground. This causes an immense amount of pressure on the ligaments and tendons that hold the ankle joint together, and when these components stretch or break, the result is often extreme […]

Prevent & Treat a Sprained Ankle

If you have ever suffered an ankle sprain, you are definitely not alone. Ankle strains and sprains happen often, and while some of us seem to just sluff it off and walk away with minor pain, other injuries can be more severe and require rest and recuperation to avoid further damage to the ankle joint. […]

How to Prevent Gymnastics Injuries

Gymnastics is one of the most demanding of sporting endeavors that requires discipline, dedication, and strenuous preparation in order to be ready for competition. Foot deformities and injuries occur in young gymnasts quite frequently, with thousands of podiatrist visits documented each year. Many of these injuries are due to accidents, however, a much larger number […]

The Different Ways That Your Foot Can Fracture

Foot and ankle fractures are among the most frequent ailments confronted by foot doctors. Professional athletes may be more susceptible to a fracture due to the constant stress and physical demands of their sport, but the rest of us can experience similar stresses during our everyday exercise routines. Accidents also produce their fair share of […]

The Top Three Foot & Ankle Injuries

While pro athletes may be more susceptible to injuries caused by the many years of repetitive stress from training and competition, you don’t have to be an Olympian to experience the oftentimes excruciating and debilitating pain that can accompany an injury. Among the most common injuries seen by podiatrists are these three: Ankle sprains—The ligaments […]

High Heels Hurt Your Feet

Celebrities including Oprah and Victoria Beckham have come out in recent years to decry the wearing of damaging shoes by women all in the name of fashion. As women realize that the long-term health of their feet, knees, hips, and back are more important than fashion, many of them are choosing not to wear uncomfortable […]

Treating & Preventing Sprained Ankles

It seems like everyone has sprained an ankle at one time or another. Some of us are fortunate enough to literally just walk away with merely a twinge of pain and a slight limp that subsides after a few days of rest and recuperation. Other sprains can be much more severe, since the excessive force […]

I Sprained My Ankle! Now What?

It can happen suddenly and unexpectedly when you’re out walking, running, playing tennis or other sports. You take an awkward step and roll over your foot, twisting your ankle. A minor sprain may just be an annoyance for a few days that responds well to rest. However, a severe ankle sprain can be disabling and […]

Why Does the Side of My Ankle Hurt?

Are you feeling pain in your ankle or walking with a limp? It’s common to hear about ankle sprains that occur from a fall or athletic activity, but there are ankle injuries that can occur over a period of time. One of these conditions involves the peroneal tendons that run behind the protruding ankle bone […]

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