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Treating & Preventing Sprained Ankles

It seems like everyone has sprained an ankle at one time or another. Some of us are fortunate enough to literally just walk away with merely a twinge of pain and a slight limp that subsides after a few days of rest and recuperation. Other sprains can be much more severe, since the excessive force […]

I Sprained My Ankle! Now What?

It can happen suddenly and unexpectedly when you’re out walking, running, playing tennis or other sports. You take an awkward step and roll over your foot, twisting your ankle. A minor sprain may just be an annoyance for a few days that responds well to rest. However, a severe ankle sprain can be disabling and […]

Why Does the Side of My Ankle Hurt?

Are you feeling pain in your ankle or walking with a limp? It’s common to hear about ankle sprains that occur from a fall or athletic activity, but there are ankle injuries that can occur over a period of time. One of these conditions involves the peroneal tendons that run behind the protruding ankle bone […]

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