Keep Your Feet Healthy in 2023 with These 7 Resolutions

It’s that time again to make New Year’s resolutions. One of the most popular resolutions is to start taking better care of our health, and that includes our feet! In today’s post, Dr. Eric Ricefield, Dr. Mark Yagodich, and Dr. Aliza V. Eisen of greater Philadelphia’s Your Next Step Foot and Ankle Care Center are sharing 7 resolutions for healthier feet next year.

As you probably know, keeping your feet healthy benefits your overall health. Your feet can be a good sign of what is going on with your body, ranging from diminished blood circulation to poor posture.

Here are 7 resolutions to get your feet happy and healthy in 2023.

  1. Watch your diet. What you eat affects your entire body, including your feet. To maintain healthy feet, avoid foods that cause inflammation, such as artificial trans fats and sugar.
  2. Get plenty of exercise. Most people don’t understand how much exercise can impact their foot health. One of the simplest forms of exercise (which is walking) works wonders for keeping your feet in shape and healthy. And healthy feet are indispensable for people who work on their feet all day or participate in sports.
  3. Wear the correct size shoe. Choosing the wrong size shoe is thought to be the cause of about 80 percent of foot problems. So, whenever you shop for shoes, have the salesperson measure your feet to ensure that you are purchasing the proper size.
  4. Find the cause and end your foot pain. If your feet constantly bother you, it’s time to schedule a visit with your podiatrist. In many instances, foot pain is caused by the connection between the way you walk and your footwear. So, the first step in finding the source of the pain and relieving it is to visit your podiatrist.
  5. Replace your athletic shoes every six months. Even the top-of-the-line athletic shoe will lose its ability to provide sufficient support for your feet over time. If you keep wearing them after they’re worn out, it can affect your foot alignment and make you more susceptible to sports-related injuries.
  6. Show your feet TLC every day. Before turning in, clean your feet and warm water and soap and apply a good moisturizer to reduce dryness.
  7. Limit time spent in high heels. When you wear high heels, they force your feet into an unnatural position resulting in bunions, corns, and calluses, among other conditions.

Unfortunately, we find that proper foot care is often disregarded. Following these resolutions can aid in diminishing your foot pain. If you’re living with consistent foot pain – or any other issue with your ankles or feet – reach out to the experienced team at Greater Philadelphia’s Your Next Step Foot and Ankle Care CenterClick here to locate contact information for the office nearest you.

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