The Different Ways That Your Foot Can Fracture

Foot and ankle fractures are among the most frequent ailments confronted by foot doctors. Professional athletes may be more susceptible to a fracture due to the constant stress and physical demands of their sport, but the rest of us can experience similar stresses during our everyday exercise routines. Accidents also produce their fair share of broken bones, with the quantity and location of the force applied to the bone determining how and where it will break.

Some of the different types of bone fractures:

  • Comminuted break—The bone is shattered into pieces
  • Oblique separation—The fracture occurs on a zig-zag
  • Transverse break—A horizontal fracture
  • Compound fracture—The bone breaks through the skin creating a compound fracture
  • Stabilized fracture—This is when the ends of the bones are only slightly out of place

Hairline fractures

These are the types of stress fractures that can develop over a period time from the repeated stress of physical activity often encountered in sports and the workplace environment. They can also affect people who suffer from osteoporosis.

Oftentimes, when someone first starts out on an aggressive exercise program without slowly increasing the effort, a fracture may result. It is always best to increase a workout regimen gradually to avoid any injury.

If you have experienced a fracture in your foot or ankle, it is best to get help from a foot care specialist to ensure proper diagnosis and recovery. At Your Next Step, our team of board-certified podiatrists has access to advanced technologies, along with years of experience, to help diagnose and treat a variety of foot and ankle problems, including sports injuries, joint pain, toe deformities, nail fungus, chronic tendon pain, and skin problems. Dr. Eric Ricefield, Dr. Mark Yagodich, and Dr. Aliza V. Eisen provide individualized and excellent foot and ankle care to patients in the greater Philadelphia area. Please contact us at our conveniently located offices in Ardmore, Paoli, and Downingtown, PA for more information or to schedule an appointment.






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